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Tips for Increasing Your Phone’s Storage

Posted By admin Posted on May 2, 2017

Verizon from IM WirelessWe’ve all been in the position of using our Verizon cell phones when we go to take a picture or download an app – then receive a message that “this action exceeds the phones storage limit.” In a day and age where we use our phones for everything, it’s no wonder we face data storage issues! IM Wireless has a few tips to free up some of that space.

Delete old apps

Smartphones are great at tracking how we use them every day, and they can also let you know when you haven’t used an app in some time. You might have enjoyed having access to puzzles on your phone for that long car ride, but if you haven’t used it in three months, considering ditching it! Luckily, you can re-download at any time, so there is no fear of losing it forever.

Back up your pictures

Whether you use the cloud or hook up directly to your computer or tablet, backing up your photos is a great way to free up space. By putting them on another device, you can quickly delete pictures you don’t often view but keep them somewhere safe for the special occasion of when you want to show off that fish you caught or your granddaughter’s recital.

Delete messages

Getting rid of messages is therapeutic to us, and to our phones! Text messages store more than just text: they also store the photos, videos, and links you have shared with your texting partner since the conversation began. You will be amazed how much storage will open up once those old messages, along with all of the items inside of them, are deleted!

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