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Sleep Better with Night Mode on Your iPhone

Posted By admin Posted on May 1, 2017

Back in March, Apple announced their newest technology such as their iOS 9.3 update. Of all of the new updates that have become available to us, there is one that holds our attention for just a little longer than others. Our IM Wireless stores have become well-versed in all of the great features that update gave us, including their Night Mode option to make getting to sleep easier than ever before.

Why offer Night Mode?

Night Mode is becoming more and more popular among technology and have been downloadable in the past as apps. By setting up Night Mode on your iPhone, your phone will take on a red tint during its designated hours. Naturally, technology like iPhones, tablets, and other devices provide blue light, which is known to activate the brain. You might find that when you’re on your phone while lying in bed you’re more awake or have a hard time falling asleep. This Night Mode option helps relax your eyes, which in turn can help making falling asleep that much easier.

How do you set up Night Mode?

It’s very easy! Follow these simple steps:

  • Launch “Settings”Verizon IM Wireless North Reading, MA
  • Click “Display & Brightness”
  • Click “Night Shift”
  • Adjust its schedule to your needs

Do you have another smart phone? No problem! There are many apps available to download that will do the same job and make getting yourself to bed simple. IM Wireless loves being a Verizon dealer that can give our customers the latest tips and tricks when using their Verizon cell phones. Not only do we offer phone and tablet classes for those who need it, you can come into any of our locations and ask questions about your iPhone or other smart phones.

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