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iPhone 7 Features You Need To Know

Posted By admin Posted on May 2, 2017

Concord 2With the launch of the iPhone 7 and Apple’s latest version of iOS, it’s no surprise that almost every Apple user is excited about all of the cool changes the company has made to their current interface. IM Wireless has been busy helping customers buy the latest cell phone at our Authorized Verizon Retail locations, and we’re excited to show you some of the exciting features this phone can offer you.

The ability to share notes

Apple understands the pain we all go through to create shopping lists with our families or events and the constant adjustment of our Notes from one message to another. They have made it even easier by offering a sharing option. The sharing option connects your friends and family to the note you invited them to edit and quickly implements the changes made.

Adjustment of read receipts on specific threads

Before this latest update, we had to decide if we wanted everyone to know we read their messages, or block anyone from seeing read receipts. Now, we can make specific decisions for read receipts on each of our individual texting conversations. Just click the “i” in the top right corner of your conversation and adjust your receipt settings as you see fit.

Optimized photos to save memory

When you take a picture with these high-resolution cameras, you’ll notice how quickly the storage will fill. To save space, the newest iPhone allows you to change your photos and camera settings to “Optimize iPhone Storage.” Instead of storing the full resolution video/image, it will store an optimized version to save space. Don’t worry- your full resolution photos are stored; they are just kept in the cloud instead.

The list of incredible new iPhone features goes on and on. Our experts at IM Wireless know everything you didn’t even realize you needed to know about your new phone, and we’re just a short drive away! As an Authorized Verizon Retailer, we can help you learn about the mobile devices we carry, and will be able to help you find the right phone for you.

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