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What are the Biggest Differences Between Apple and Android?

Posted By admin Posted on May 2, 2017

Hudson, NH Verizon WirelessWe have many customers come into our Verizon location in Salem, NH to ask questions about the major differences between Apple and Android devices. Though we can tell you all day about the differences in camera quality and color variety, the more significant comparatives are between their software and system availabilities, which impact these three areas.


Apple creates and manufacturers iPhone, while Google provides their software systems to a variety of companies, such as Samsung, HTC, and LG. With that said, these different Android phones might or might not have specific software updates available dependent on the manufacturing company’s desires. However, Apple updates all systems, including iPads and Macs.

System availability

Time and time again, it seems agreed that Apple holds a lot more exclusivity than Android. To put simply, Apple is a closed system while Android is an open system. Since Google distributes these systems to various manufacturers, they are an open source project that allows for customization. Varied interfaces can be seen as a limitation to many on Apple devices, while others believe they do not to notice a difference.


Once again, security comes down to ownership of software and manufacturing. Since Apple is a closed system and controlled solely by the company, it is increasingly difficult to penetrate their phones. With no specific company owning Android products, third party deliverers can more successfully attempt security breaches onto Android devices when users are not cautious with their downloads and uses.

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