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Best Apps for Retail Deals

Posted By admin Posted on May 1, 2017

There are plenty of great ways to use your cell phone while shopping on the weekends, but one of the best ways to utilize your smartphone is by downloading some great apps that can help you find what you are looking for, save you money, or both! IM Wireless knows the latest in trends in retail apps as a go-to Verizon retailer in Salem, NH, and have a list of some of our favorites.Cell phone retailers from IM Wireless


One of the coolest parts about RetailMeNot is with access to your location, you can be notified of deals as you pass specific retail locations listed. Search by specific name or buy product, you will be able to find incredible coupons and deals.


Target is an all-in-one application. Not only can you shop directly from your cell phone or other devices, they list their available coupons directly on the app. You can even access gift and baby registries, check store availability, and a barcode scanner with ease.  


You’ve used Groupon on the computer before, but ever thought of what it can do for you on your smartphone? As one of the leading providers for coupons, you can find discounts in nearly any form of retail. From food to clothes, Groupon does it all.

Talk about being accessible and flexible for use. Not only does list retail promotions and coupons, they can be copy and pasted, printed, or applied to your relevant loyalty cards.

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