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5 Ways You’re Accidentally Using Data

Posted By admin Posted on May 1, 2017

Verizon Plans 2015In recent months, IM Wireless has received a lot of questions from our customers about ways they can reduce data usage on iPhones. As an Authorized Verizon Retailer in Salem, NH, we want you to get the most out of your phone use and keep your bill at an affordable cost. There are so many ways our smartphones, particularly iPhones, can use data without us even realizing it.

Your Wi-Fi Assist is turned on

Did you know about this feature? In your Settings under Cellular, there is a toggle labeled “Wi-Fi Assist”. If turned on, this feature enables your phone to switch automatically from Wi-Fi to data usage if the connection is poor without warning.

Allowing all apps to use cellular data

If you find yourself using certain apps more than others, there’s a chance your favorite activities eat up data more than others. You can adjust which apps are allowed to use cellular data under the Cellular tab in your Settings.

Cellular Data Usage for iCloud is on

Using the iCloud is great for nearly any business to transfer files back and forth between devices, but it also means that when you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi signal, you are using data. This can easy be turned off by going your Settings under the iCloud tab and turning the toggle off to “Use Cellular Data”.

Streaming music

When our iPhones can only store a certain amount of information, a simple solution for music is to use one of the many apps available to us. Unfortunately, when we’re not connected to Wi-Fi as we often are not in the car or at the gym, this can quickly eat at our monthly data.

You allow for automatic app updates

Consider how many apps you have downloaded to your iPhone and how often you notice one or many updating around the same time? Automatic updating means it will update as long as it has signal, which could be cellular data. In your Settings under App and iTunes Store, you can adjust which applications use cellular data.

IM Wireless suggests making some of these adjustments to your iPhone and watch for changes throughout the month. Luckily, tracking your data with Verizon cell phones is easier than ever by displaying data usage per phone and by time. For more questions about our plans and locations, email us today at